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    Frequently Asked

    What Is Timeshare?
    Timeshare allows you to own a share of a unit / apartment within a resort for a certain period (IE: Certain week of the year etc). Essentially, timeshare is the exclusive use of accommodation in a holiday destination for a determined recurring period of time annually.
    What Timeshare Scheme Do We Offer?
    We offer specific time-period schemes. A specific time-period scheme is a set time period for your holiday, such as one week a year. This scheme is also known as a fixed week, fixed unit scheme.
    How often must levies be paid?
    Levies must be paid once a year for each of your owned unit(s), regardless of whether you are planning to use the timeshare for that year or not.
    What is IExchange?
    iExchange is a revolutionary timeshare exchange company, which boasts a massive inventory pool consisting of 130 Local and 4000+ International Resorts.

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